The New man of Africa is a historical book which calls on all African youths to change the misconceptions regarding the African society.

The book goes a long way to address the idea of how to change Africa from how it is to how it should be.

Ernest Ukpovum’s book carries a lot of insight on how the African man solves the continent’s lingering sociopolitical issues.

The narratives and commentaries Ukpovum shares in the book provide a unique and fascinating perspective on what it means to be African.



Acclaim for The New Man Of Africa



They say if you don’t know where you’re from, you cannot tell where you’re going. Africa and its 54 countries have, for centuries been the object of many tales told mostly by people from other parts of the world. In recent times however, a new mindset has been birthed, and the need for Africa and Africans to be at the forefront of the African narrative highlighted.


Ernest Ukpovum’s The New Man of Africa is a testament of this new mindset; a map to help retrace our steps and where we missed it, a guide to how we must now live to claim our rightful place in the scheme of things.


A must-read for history buffs – and really anyone interested in the African story. –Seun Odukoya,

prize-winning writer and author



…A significant intervention in the idealization of the new African man’s mindset. This work foregrounds philosophical constructions that project Africans as not being inferior in any way to any other person no matter the part of the world they come from. The New Man of Africa represents a profound invocation for the awakening of the spirit of the African. In essence, it critically analyzes attempts at studying present-day generation African mentality, recognizes the conflicts in the mindset of young generation Africans, and motions all towards understanding their inherent potentials. This work is forward-looking, optimistic, and clear in its direction. Read it. –Richard Inya

Award-winning poet and short story writer

Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike

Ikwo, Ebonyi State Nigeria.



“In this new book, Ernest Ukpovum assays a pertinent theme regarding Africa. The New Man of Africa seeks to reawaken the African to realize his true place in the world. It is a sensitive subject but the author pulls no punches in his crusade.” –Tade Ipadeola,

author of The Sahara Testaments

Winner of the 2013 Nigerian Prize for Literature



In 2020, protests by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement swept across America and major cities around the world following the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, from Police brutality. This brought back to the front burner of global discourse, conversations around race and the realities of being black in the 21st century.


This book ‘The New Man of Africa‘ couldn’t have come at a better time given the topical themes which it interrogates. In this book, Ernest Ukpovum looks at what it means to be Black today, how the narrative is evolving and the many encumbrances holding the African man back. He advances compelling arguments on what we must do to emancipate ourselves starting with a decolonialisation of the mind.


This book will make a good read for African studies scholars, anthropologists, researchers, and everyone interested in the future of Africa and the black man. –Sylva Nze Ifedigbo,

Writer and socio-political commentator. Author of ‘Believers And Hustlers’ & ‘My Mind Is No Longer Here’. 


About Ukpovum Ernest:

Writer with Interest in the Nigeria Politics. Passionate about the development of Africa. Working hard to be part of the world changing ideals.


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